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  1. Idhu Namma Aalu – Intentional Neurotoxic Act

    June 6, 2016 by Guest Author

    Not a review per se, just a coherent rant about this film I watched recently called Idhu Namma Aalu.

    When I exited the theatre after watching Idhu Namma Aalu, I wondered if there’s a word exclusive to the world of Kollywood films, to point out that the film had its fun moments for a few minutes, and for the rest of the time you wished you had every strand of hair pulled off from your skin or be stabbed like Jon Snow. Why don’t they put statutory warning messages ahead of such films?

    Let me be the first one to try and coin a term/reference metric that refers to any motion feature which is worth just ten minutes of your time and you are better off watching it on YouTube, as a video titled “Best comedy scene from ….” instead of experiencing an ordeal in the theatre.



    The term is INA- an acronym that stands for Intentional Neurotoxic Act (‘Intentional’ being the operative word.)Fitting, isn’t it? I hope, in the near future we see people use this term widely.

    Macha! How was the movie da?” “It’s not bad. But it’s INA. Better to stay away.

    Idhu Namma Aalu