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  1. Dasharatham – Man-Child-Man

    September 14, 2017 by Guest Author

    The Lohitadas-Sibi Malayil-Mohanlal trio has given some of the finest movies for Malayalam cinema (‘Kireedom’, ‘Bharatham’, ‘Kamaladalam’ and many more) but even in their terrific resume, ‘Dasharatham’ stands out.


  2. Bangalore Days – Let’s feel good!

    June 16, 2014 by Guest Author

    Morning colors through a glass painting. Best buddies in the same city. An ever inspiring RJ on the air every day. A young westerner (who learns Bharatanatyam) is crazy about “malligai poo” (Jasmine flowers). Our innate tendency to search for native language speakers in any place we go. A girl smokes for the first time just before her marriage because she is tensed about the whole event (:O). Come on, how frequently do we get to see all this. Feeling good already? That’s Bangalore Days for you.