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  1. Chithram – The Last Vacation

    March 13, 2018 by Guest Author

    Remembering the apotheosis of the Mohanal-Priyadarshan oevure.

    ‘Chithram’ is at surface the story of Purushothaman Kaimal (a superb Nedumudi Venu) hiring Vishnu (Mohanlal) to act as the husband of Kalyani (played by Ranjini), in order to please her father Ramachandra Menon (Poornam Viswanathan). Kalyani has recently had a heartbreak but doesn’t want her dad to know about it since he is on his last vacation. The result is a screwball comedy for most part, thanks to the antics of Vishnu, Kalyani’s cousin Bhaskaran Nambiar (Sreenivasan) and his sidekick. Towards the end, it becomes a gut-wrenching tragedy but the transformation is entirely convincing.


  2. Dasharatham – Man-Child-Man

    September 14, 2017 by Guest Author

    The Lohitadas-Sibi Malayil-Mohanlal trio has given some of the finest movies for Malayalam cinema (‘Kireedom’, ‘Bharatham’, ‘Kamaladalam’ and many more) but even in their terrific resume, ‘Dasharatham’ stands out.


  3. Bangalore Days – Let’s feel good!

    June 16, 2014 by Guest Author

    Morning colors through a glass painting. Best buddies in the same city. An ever inspiring RJ on the air every day. A young westerner (who learns Bharatanatyam) is crazy about “malligai poo” (Jasmine flowers). Our innate tendency to search for native language speakers in any place we go. A girl smokes for the first time just before her marriage because she is tensed about the whole event (:O). Come on, how frequently do we get to see all this. Feeling good already? That’s Bangalore Days for you.