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  1. Vada Chennai

    December 9, 2018 by Guest Author

    Vetrimaran continues his exploration into the worlds of Shakespeare and gangsters. Only this time, he is a far superior filmmaker.

    Spoilers Ahead..

    “Vada Chennai” is divided into chapters and each one is part of a larger jigsaw puzzle that can perhaps never be solved. The best one is titled “Anbu, Rajan and the Hood”. It tells the story of Rajan (Ameer), his brother Thambi (Daniel Balaji) and underlings Guna (Samuthirakani), Senthil (Kishore), Velu (Pawan) and Pazhani (Boxer Dheena). They are smugglers, working for the powerful politician Muthu (Radha Ravi). In a sudden turn of events, Rajan takes a stand for his people, irking Muthu, who plots his fall using Senthil.


  2. Valiyavan

    March 28, 2015 by Ajay

    Where can I start in describing this excuse of a movie? The needless sexism that is present in almost every Tamil movie nowadays? Or the lazy screenplay that has nothing to hold the audience’s attention for more than five minutes? Or brutal slaughter of logic in every other way possible in the name of a story? Or the brilliant exhibition by Jai on how one should should not be a narrator?