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March 28, 2015 by Ajay

Where can I start in describing this excuse of a movie? The needless sexism that is present in almost every Tamil movie nowadays? Or the lazy screenplay that has nothing to hold the audience’s attention for more than five minutes? Or brutal slaughter of logic in every other way possible in the name of a story? Or the brilliant exhibition by Jai on how one should should not be a narrator?


The opening credits is shown in a plain black background. I’m not sure how many people got irritated by this but this was enough for me to lower my expectations. As the movie goes by, my expectations kept lowering for each scene and by the end the number went in negative. One guy who learns boxing in 2 months and beats an Olympic champion boxer to impress a girl. What was Saravanan even thinking when coming up with a story like this? How did the producers agree to put in their hard earned money in making something like this? How did the actors and technicians accept to work in this film? And a million more questions kept wavering in my mind while I came out of the theater.

Why are there still movies with dialogues like “Ponnungellam..” “Pasangellam..” etc.? I am yet to see a Tamil movie that doesn’t generalise people. What’s worse is when the audience laugh and clap when the actors mindlessly throw their bullshit hate speech against women. In this Valiyavan, there is a scene where Jai scolds all women in general since Andrea made a fool out of him of some sorts and audience burst out in laughter and sound agreement and in another scene where Andrea generalises all guys, I could hear every other cuss word there is in Tamil directed straightly at Andrea, not even that character in the movie. This has been the situation for very many decades and will be the same in the future as well. As cliched as it sounds, the change should start from within.

Heroine being impressed by only macho guys who can beat an Olympic champion in a boxing match, heroine scorning the guy for asking the reason to hit a guy and saying shit like ‘oru ponnu solren kelvi kettuttu irukka‘, father being ashamed of his son not being able to hit someone who has hit him in public, son being ashamed of his father for the same reason, people who are in a relationship being envied by people who aren’t and the vice versa, friends still giving useless advice to correct girls, unnecessary display of homophobia in a couple of unnecessary scenes. Movies like this is a disgrace to people who work really hard to earn their bread.

The music was unbearable (surprisingly bad from Imman), Jai narrating the story sounded like a kindergarten kid participating in an elocution contest, story and screenplay was beyond description, characters were completely unreal and my time and money was wasted yet again. This time thanks to Saravanan.