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November 6, 2018 by Ajay

Murugadoss seems to have kept track of all the “issues” happening in Tamil Nadu in the recent past and has tried to write a story with one of those. As the issues keep piling up, he couldn’t decide which one would have the most punch in the gut feel so he decided to mix them all up to write a story. Who needs proper story boarding, script discussion, screenplay drafts and all that nonsense when you have issues+vijay in a movie? So he just went with it and wrote the scenes and dialogues on the flow and the end product is what you get to see on screen. Everybody in the cast and crew seems to believe solely on that aspect for the movie to get off and have put their lowest effort possible to get the whole thing together. Even I’m lazy to an extent but this is just taking it to another level.

The first scene should obviously build Vijay up for the fans to jizz on their seats, followed by a song because apparently it is still 1980s for Murugadoss. We have Keerthy Suresh on board? Why don’t we just have her tag along with Vijay everywhere for no particular reason and just give her one dialogue showing off her math skills? The villain should trigger the hero at some point so just get them together in a random event and make them argue with each other while everyone else is eating mixture. Oh wait, people should clap on screen when Vijay talks something right? How else do the audience get to know when to cheer for him then? Yogi Babu seems to have good market so we’ll include him also in a couple of scenes just for the kicks. Different issues in different places? No problem. Just get people from different places at a gathering and make them spell out the issues in each of their area like a roll call. Sprinkle some Farmer sentiment, Fishermen sentiment, Srilanka, shout at the state and the central govt, include some “saattaiayadi padhivu thozare” dialogues, have characters that imitate people from real life for more impact, obviously a bunch of fight scenes, each one having a different theme that can be referred to as “Axe Fight”, “Metro Fight”. Songs, because we’ve paid Rahman and Keerthy Suresh. I’m disoriented even trying to explain how lazily the movie has been made.

The movie treats the audience as such mindless imbeciles that at some point, I can’t help but laugh when Murugadoss is trying to spell out what he is preaching. When the police are beating the shit out of people, the most obvious reaction that any human being would be “vote ku kaasu vaangina yen kai la adinga sir” “kelvi kekkama iruntha yen vai la adinga sir” and the likes right? The moment I lost is when Murugadoss stumbled upon this election law called 49-P and his way of registering it with the audience is making Vijay tell the words “49-P” multiple times in a single sentence, because how else would the dumb audience like us understand it, right? But he doesn’t even stop there. He goes on to explain that a sensational thing like this would only create awareness for this law amongst public. Then he continues to mention it at multiple times all along the movie. Maybe he realised that the movie was so forgettable that he needed to mention it at regular intervals. How would you show that a politician is evil? Just make him say that all the issues that you are tackling in the movie is an income source for him. How would you should that the hero has extraordinary powers? Make him argue for himself during all court hearings. But that doesn’t suffice for the fans to wet their pants enough right? So make him argue and win a case that would overturn the government within an hour and make the court call the Governor in the middle of the swearing in ceremony and call the event off. My dumb brain can’t even begin to comprehend most of the things happening on screen.

I’m really not sure who played a bigger role in making this excuse of a movie – the hero, the producer or the director. This was made with two things in mind, talk about sensational stuff, make money as fast as possible. Everything in the movie made sense as a marketing move, but doesn’t fit into the film. The songs were unnecessary. The fight sequences were overdone. If the whole movie was just made with just a marketing standpoint, it did exactly what it was supposed to do. But otherwise, this need not have been made. Since some characters’ reason to exist isn’t even justified, I wasn’t able to appreciate anything they did. Everybody did what they had to do in acting, music, editing etc. for a movie like this. CEO in the house doesn’t give me any goosebumps because the scene themselves didn’t have any impact. None of the songs registered on screen because none of them were necessary. The wank-fest for Vijay was the only thing that was done well. When Varu Sarath finally does something interesting, I’ve lost all my fuel to appreciate anything on screen. But even that doesn’t last more than 10 mins because that’s the longest amount of time you can let Vijay lose in a film like this.

We had a good streak of movies coming in Tamil recently and Sarkar completely ruined the charm. How long are we, as an audience, going to continue encouraging lazy movies like this? Movies that try to pick the weakness of some audience and monetize on them? Movies that spoon-feed everything? Movies that are used to uplift the political career of someone? If people were forced to make this movie, I feel bad for them. I really do.