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October 24, 2014 by Ajay

I wasn’t really planning to watch kaththi. Not even in Jaya TV for Pongal. What really intrigued me is the plethora of opinions about the movie from very many people which I haven’t seen in a really long time. I thought people just stopped caring about posting their opinions online about commercial movies or any movies in general, but it seems like kaththi brought out the reviewer in everyone.


Let us set aside the message the everyone keeps raving about and see kaththi as a movie for a few minutes and accept the fact that it could have been made much better. Way better so that the apparent ‘message’ could have reached a much more wider audience. The commercialism painted all over it spoiled it huge for me. If at all the main intention of Murugadoss was to portray the hardships of the farmers and vile minds of corporate companies, that should have been the kernel from the start till the end and not just in the second half. Almost the whole of the first half could have been avoided and the story would still remain in tact and made the movie much better.

He HAD to include slapstick comedy and masala scenes (which would really turn on an ardent vijay fan, but not so much otherwise) and spoil it. He had to have a grandeur introduction scene. Out of the place songs. The hero should be the only one who knows anything about everything and everyone around him are either stupid or villians (who are even more stupid). He has to think on behalf of everyone. Nobody’s characterisation matters. There had to be unnecessary melodrama in every other scene. He had to include slow motion fight sequences. All city people had to be shown as selfish obnoxious assholes who don’t give a shit about anything in general (which is true to some extent). He just had to include an heroine just for the sake it and jarringly doll her up and place her in the same frame when someone is saying “We don’t need any of your fairness cream and shampoo made from food products”.

But is this just another commercial movie that our industry could do without? Definitely not. Murugadoos is one of the very few directors out there who is capable of handling commercialism in a way that doesn’t make the audience to puke. In Thuppakki, which had so much scope for including masala in many scenes, he decided to keep it normal but I wonder why didn’t he do that same for Kaththi. People who are a little okay with unwanted heroisms, might find this movie really entertaining.

The movie does deal with certain important issues that aren’t being talked about as much as they need to be talked about, in classic murugadoss dialogues and mass-less punches. And vijay does a decent job in delivering these dialogues and emoting. But there are other people in this movie who also needs to know something about acting right?

I’ll refrain from talking about the numerous logical glitches and lazy screenplay writing because it is quite noticeable by almost everyone who watches the movie.

And Murugadoos, I will forever hate you for making me hate the unhateable samantha. You monster.