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January, 2015

  1. I – Why?

    January 26, 2015 by Ajay

    This post might seem like it contains immoderate usage of the word I which might make the sentences look insensible and with grammatical errors but it is not. All grammar and spelling mistakes found in this article can be blamed on the name of this movie.

    So I was bored one night and decided to so something entertaining. And that brilliant decision of entertaining myself was watching I. How awesome right? Even after all those forewarning and cautionary advice, I went to watch I one night expecting it to be shitty as hell. I was actually surprised to find it even shittier. All through the movie the only thought I had in my mind was ‘It took 3 years to make this shit? 3 YEARS?!’ My house was constructed in 6 months with just a fraction of its budget and just staring at its walls looks more interesting to me than spending 3 hours (?!) to watch this excuse of a grandeur.